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LAMB is by Gwen Stefani and was named after her first solo album which stands for Love Angel Music Baby. She created a line of handbags, watches and sunglasses. We feature the handbags and they are stylish as ever, being made by Gwen Stefani they were always going to be. LAMB handbags are fun and creative and really make a statement when you have one. They'll get a lot of admiration and compliments.

Most popular

LAMB Ultraviolet Wristlet Handbag
Ultraviolet Wristlet
Be at the leading edge of fashion with this Ultraviolet wristlet from LAMB. It's made of embossed leather with a plastic trim and measures 7 1/2" wide by 4" high and 1 1/2" deep.
LAMB Signature Worthington Handbag
Signature Worthington
This dazzling Signature Worthington is made of fabric with synthetic trim. It's just the right size to get your personal technology in because it measures 12" wide by 7.5" high.
LAMB Ultraviolet Etoile Handbag
Ultraviolet Etoile
This extremely bright ultraviolet handbag comes in a range of colors. It's made of genuine embossed leather and there's a 6" drop from the strap. It measures 16" wide by 14" high.

L.A.M.B. - the brand

LAMB logo

Gwen Stefani has become widely recognized for her amazing style and natural beauty. It was only natural that she would release a clothing and accessories line and what better name than your first solo album "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." which went on to sell millions worldwide. Gwen went on to also win a Grammy and her clothing label is sought after by fans all over the world. She pays close attention to the LAMB label and overseas every creation.

LAMB handbags have a real cool edge to them. They are very much of the now and lead the way in young fashion. They are sexy, bright, colorful and really make a statement. With a LAMB handbag you're getting something that's design by the Royal Elastics design team with Gwen having approval of everything and a big say in creative input. Only when Gwen is happy can the design team have something as ok to make. This way you're getting Gwen's style which is what so many want a piece of.

The LAMB brand is going from strength to strength even though Gwen hasn't released a new album for a while but people still look to the LAMB brand and what is being released every season. Gwen has just finished a tour with her band "No Doubt" which was a massive successs. People still look at Gwen is one of the style icons of our time so LAMB handbags are as popular as ever. Look out for other releases on the LAMB brand and label as everything has the distinct Gwen Stefani look and style which remains so popular.

For more information about LAMB handbags the brand go to www.lambfragrance.com.

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